Healthcare funding policy in Canada

Canada’ healthcare system is one of the fewest systems in the world that is funded by the public. It is highly rated and countries from all over the world want to adopt it. 70% of the healthcare system management is done by the public sector and the remaining 30% is done by the private healthcare systems. About 11% of the total GDP of Canada is spent on the healthcare system. An average Canadian is of view that with such a huge spending it is highly recommended to further regularize the system. The hospitals get 29.5% of the total health care amount, the drugs and prescription medicines get about 16% and the physicians get about 15.3% of the total healthcare budget. The spending on the healthcare is increased every year. The federal government is of the view that all Canadians should get fair and cost-effective treatment. Healthcare budget varies all across Canada and it is important to note that the provinces spent about 38% of their total budget on health care. Average per capita spending on health care in Canada is about $6,300. The highest health care spending in 2017 was in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador which was $7,266. (more…)

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