Key features of Canadian healthcare system

The provincial and the territorial services of Canada make sure that the healthcare system features are delivered to the common Canadians all over the country. The Canada Healthcare Act of 1984 governs the use of the ways which can be used to deliver the services to a common Canadian. The quality standards which are developed by the Canadian government are also periodically applied to make sure that the health care system is working up to the mark. Both internal and external auditors are called to make sure that the cash inflow and outflow are checked. The administrative capabilities of the Canadian Healthcare system are the ones which make this system very cost effective for common Canadians. The Canadian healthcare system also is known as Medicare is one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Competitive practices are kept to the minimum and the overall management of the system is done in a manner that is followed by other nations. Cost cutting is also done in a manner that the basic healthcare systems are never hampered. (more…)

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