Canadian Health Care System

Key features of Canadian healthcare system

The provincial and the territorial services of Canada make sure that the health care system features are delivered to the common Canadians all over the country. The Canada Healthcare Act of 1984 governs the use of the ways which can be used to deliver the services to a common Canadian. The quality standards which are developed by the Canadian government are also periodically applied to make sure that the health care is working up to the mark.

Canadian Health Care

Both internal and external auditors are called to make sure that the cash inflow and outflow are checked. The administrative capabilities of the Canadian Health Care are the ones which make this system very cost effective for common Canadians. The Canadian healthcare system also is known as Medicare is one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Competitive practices are kept to the minimum and the overall management of the system is done in a manner that is followed by other nations. Cost cutting is also done in a manner that the basic healthcare systems are never hampered.

Government responsibility

It is the Federal Government which makes sure that the budget is allocated to the provinces and they get their respective people all the services which are required. There are 13 Medicare insurance plans which are currently working and this makes sure that the all the Canadian territories are covered. The federal government is responsible to apply and implement the standards which are defined by the Canadian healthcare act. The funding support is also provided to the provinces and specific groups such as minorities are also targeted. Healthcare delivery to such groups is also considered to be a part of federal government policies.

Canada Health Act

Canada Health Act

Canada Health Act has critical features, which allow Canadian residents to overcome common problems of everyday medical treatment necessities. It also specifies the actions and participation of both federal and provincial governments to deliver the best healthcare possible. The insurance plans which are devised by the provincial and the federal government must meet the needs of the Canada Health Act before offered to the public or implemented as a policy. Essential standards included in the act are public administration, comprehensiveness, portability, and accessibility. Also, residents can inform local authorities about any problems related to healthcare.

Miscellaneous services

It is very important to know that there are some provisions of the system which are not mentioned in the Health Care Act of Canada. It means that the provincial and the territorial committees decide that should happen in this regard. The medically insured services which are included in the provisions of the provincial governments include the insurance of the basic medical services. It includes the hospitals, physicians, and dentists. There are some services which are considered to be very important when it comes to healthcare and these services are known as medically necessary. In case a person needs medically necessary service then the full cost of it is covered by the government. Such services are also not identified by Canadian Health Care Act.