Recent news about Canadian healthcare system

The government-run hospitals in Canada are regarded as the backbone of the healthcare system in Canada. The healthcare system of Canada is one of the best in the world. Unlike other countries, the healthcare system of the country treats everyone equally. Equal medical treatment is offered to all Canadian citizens and residents. Also, government professionals make sure that medical visits are carried out regularly. Above all, the healthcare system in Canada is thought to be developed by the best policymakers the government has to offer. Regardless, some health care issues in Canada remain unsolved, including those concerning the aboriginal people living in isolation. It often raises doubts and questions among the Canadian population.

Ontario Pharm payments

The pharma companies in Canada clandestinely pay the doctors in Ontario which has led many government officials to believe that such doctors are being bribed. All such payments are to be disclosed as per the new legislation passed. A separate database is to be maintained and it will have all the records of the payments which the pharma companies make to such doctors. The financial records of the doctors will be compared with the database and either party would have to answer in case of any difference. The health minister Eric Hoskins is of the view that it is something that the Ontarians wanted after the discussions which were made with healthcare professionals and patients groups. The factor of transparency will is the first and foremost factor of this legislation.

Injury-related admissions

About 146,000 in Canada have been admitted to the hospitals and the main cause of this is falling. As per the data which is collected by various organizations it is made clear that the unintentional falls contributed to the problems. There is nothing the hospitals can do in this regard as no public awareness campaign can do the trick. It is something that is associated with daily life and therefore cannot be avoided at all. Slipping, tripping and stumbling are the main problems which can lead to the admissions. In many cases, the exact cause of injury was not known at all.

NAFTA negotiations

North American Free Trade Agreement is something that could impact the Canadian healthcare in future. The provisions of the agreement state that the role of the pharma companies would be reduced in such a manner that healthcare in Canada becomes available for a large part of the population. There were some provisions which were added afterward and it made sure that the healthcare related problems are excluded. If the NAFTA negotiations fail that it would be a huge blow to the Canadian healthcare system.

Pharmacare strategy

This strategy which was devised by the Council of the Federation has been put in front of the voters. It will make sure that the taxpayers give feedback about the service and what they think about it. The national online consultation plan has also been devised and the users will make sure that they vote in favor of or against the service /plan. An affordable prescription for Canadians is the main theme of the idea.

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